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Workout Revolution, high intensity workouts in the Studio City area

I've been working with Diana for a few months now, and am VERY happy with her. It's a "super-slow" muscle contraction method that maximizes efficiency (you get more results in less time). She also works with diet, and I've lost 20 pounds. I'm 68 and am happier with my body than I've been in many years. I just came back from my 50th high school reunion, I had a great time, largely thanks to my work with Diana. I danced a lot and didn't get tired.

Peter P.

Just went jeans shopping and I'm a size smaller than I've ever been! Someone who moves 20 minutes a week has no right for this to happen. Yay Diana!

K. N.

Workout Revolution, high intensity workouts to lose weight and increase metabolism
Workout machines at Workout Revolution

Diana is amazing. She is focused, knowledgeable, and works with me and my crazy schedule. She makes me feel as though I am the most important client she has, every time I see her. As a former gym rat and fitness fanatic,  I was initially very skeptical about superslow weight training but all the research is right! You do get as much benefit from 20-30 minutes once a week as you would in 3 hours a week in the gym doing conventional weight training. Everyone needs some resistance training and if you are pressed for time, superslow is the answer and Diana is the trainer you need.

Linda K.

Diana makes fitness, fast, efficient and fun. Every session is a stretch goal that makes you feel unstoppable and strong. Great results in less time.

Kay S.

How to use weights in high intensity workouts
workout gym for high intensity workouts at Workout Revolution

I was initially skeptical about only doing 1 workout a week but I found this to be the most effective and rewarding workout program I've ever done.  Period.  If you want to get in the best shape of your life, and do it with someone who will become a friend, do this!

Kathleen M.

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