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Your instructor at The Workout Revolution will design a custom program to help you achieve your goals and work around any existing injuries, limitations or health concerns. We focus on the three 'pillars' of health: Exercise, Nutrition and Rest/Recovery. Through your custom workouts, you can expect to enjoy six key benefits (detailed below).


Muscle starts to decrease beginning in your mid to late twenties, resulting in a loss of strength and muscle tone. Strength Training is essential to combat this loss and without a focused strength training program, you will continue to lose muscle more rapidly as you age. Our unique program will help you increase your muscle strength and tone and give you more energy for all of the fun parts of life.

Personal Training, Personal Trainer in the San Fernando Valley area for high intensity training
How to get in shape with high intensity workouts at Workout Revolution


High-intensity training (HIT) or slow strength training was developed through an osteoporosis study in the 1980's. Strength training is the only non-medical way to halt or reverse osteoporosis and a slow strength training workout is one of the safest ways to build bone density.


By building more muscle, new blood vessels are created to send blood and oxygen to the new muscle fibers. Your cardiovascular system is also challenged during your strength training workout because your heart and lungs have to work harder than normal to pump oxygen to your muscles to help them perform. Strength training can be an incredibly effective form of cardio.

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High intensity workout at Workout Revolution with personal trainer Diana Huffington at Workout Revolution


Moving your muscles through a complete, pain-free range of motion increases functional flexibility and helps improve balance. You won't learn to do splits, but you will be able to maintain the flexibility needed for your daily activities.


Muscle acts as a cushion around your joints and bones and absorbs the impact of any physical shock to the body. The more muscle you have, the more your body can keep you safe and help stabilize your joints if you fall or have physical trauma.

Best high intensity workout routine at Workout Revolution, Studio City, CA
Increase metabolism with high intensity workout


It is estimated that every pound of muscle you have allows your body to burn roughly six calories per day at rest. If weight loss is a goal, the more lean muscle you add to your body the more calories you burn at rest. You also have to burn calories to repair muscle after every workout. Therefore, you burn calories during your workout, after your workout (during the rest/recovery phase) and at an increased rate as your muscles get stronger. If you've been eating the same thing but gaining weight, it might be muscle loss that's affecting your metabolism.

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