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Originally from Maryland, Diana has been working as a slow-motion, high-intensity strength training instructor in the Los Angeles area since 2009. As a life-long athlete and ballet and modern dancer, she was drawn to this technique to help build strength after multiple injuries. She loved the technique so much and how it helped her maintain a slimmer physique with less time commitment and without injury, that she became an instructor. She loves sharing this safer, more effective and time efficient way to stay in shape with her clients. Over the years she has helped hundreds of clients achieve their goals of building strength, building bone density, losing weight, increasing resistance to injury, enhancing cardiovascular efficiency and improving overall health and fitness in just one or two 20 minute workouts a week. Once you try it you'll be hooked too!

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Lorena Ortiz comes from a background as a professional dancer, teacher and choreographer in the dance industry for over 20 years. She has trained and is certified in several fitness styles including Cardio Barre, ReXist360, Boogie Bounce USA, and most recently HITUni High Intensity Resistance Training.  She is an experienced instructor and teacher. Her main focus is on connecting with her clients and guiding them to achieve a better and more balanced life through fitness and wellness. She is passionate about motivating people to build strength in their bodies and minds. Working as an instructor in slow-motion, high-intensity strength training, Lorena will help you to achieve all of your goals.

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